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500 Greatest Albums Auction

Own the Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Greatest Albums

This is the real deal.  The collection was assembled from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, and of course the United States. The collection is authentic. The collection is mostly Vinyl Record Albums, unless the collection required Compact Discs.

What's included

38% of the record albums are 1st pressings, 20% of the albums are sealed (never opened), 20 of the records are audiophile quality (MFSL, Nautilus, CBS) and there are 15 bonus records! Also included is a collector magazine and poster feauturing many of the stores where the records were sourced.

When and Where will the Auction take place?

November 9th, 2017 to cooincide with the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine!  Sign up as a subscriber to be kept in the loop! Of course, serious offers will be considered.

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Collection Listing of Catalog Numbers; Condition

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